Drivers outdated for Mysql 5.7

Well it's all in the title.

With the latest 5.1.35 Mysql Drivers, it looks like it doesn't recognize JSON objects and functions from the MySQL 5.7 version

I think this needs a serious update :/

I wanted to try Datagrip, after using Querious for a while and since i like Jetbrains products, but it wont even get my DB schema..



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Hi Sebastien,

Note that you may download and add any driver jar manually in Driver Settings (see Driver files on the driver settings page). Does it help?

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hi Andrey,

thanks, but i think it's linked to the code inspector. I downloaded the latest Mysql Drivers (developpement version 6.0.3),

but nothing changes, i still can't use Json.. Reading oracle driver documentation, it says the drivers supports mysql versions from 5.0 to 5.7 but, the code inspector won't let me use json.

For the first error it says : "<type> expected, got 'json' "

it says "Unknown database function "JSON_UNQUOTE'' "

Any idea ?


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