DOM inspection from IntelliJ JS debugger


During testing in the JS debugger in the latest release I found one minor issue. From the documentation it states the following:

"The Structure and Text panes are mutually synchronized. When you click a node in the DOM structure, IntelliJ IDEA scrolls through the contents of the Text pane. The panes are also synchronized with the browser. IntelliJ IDEA highlights the element in the browser as soon as you click the corresponding node in the DOM structure or in the Text pane."

The scrolling of the text pane when clicking elements in the DOM structure is working fine. The only issue I'm observing is highlighting in the browser. That is not functioning. The page is question is being generated by a JSP. It's not a static HTML file. I'm also remote debugging. Chrome version is 51.0.2704.84 64-bit on OS X. IntelliJ version is 2016.1.3. Curious if this is a known issue. Everything else works fine, just the browser highlighting when inspecting the DOM from IntelliJ debugger.

Thanks, Grant


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