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I cannot find out how to run a replace all with only my keyboard.

Tabbing in the search or replace fields only switches between them, so I cannot find a way to change focus to the "Replace all" button.

Alt + Enter adds a new line in the field,

Enter replaces a single instance,

Ctrl + Enter, Shift+Enter, and every other combination does nothing.

Is this impossible?



Vladimir Luchansky
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Indeed, this is known issue: Please vote for it in order to move it up in the queue and receive notifications regarding the progress of the feature. See more information on working with tracker at <>.

As a workaround, I would suggest to select the word you want to replace, then use Select All Occurrences - Ctrl+Alt+Shift+J on Lin/Win or Cmd+Ctrl+G on Mac - and then type the replacement which will effectively replace already selected occurrences.

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Thanks Vladimir,

I agree - the workaround works fine, but is useless for regex replacements.

I guess I'll just have to use the mouse occasionally. Woe is me! ;-)

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This seems to have been resolved as per this thread-

command+R (open replace box)
Option-P - replace this occurrence
Option-A - replace all occurrences
Option-L - exclude/skip/ignore this occurrence

(tested on IntelliJ IDEA ultimate 2017.2.6)

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Uhm, it's alt+a by default. Doesn't that work for you?

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Thanks PAL! Option-A is what I needed.

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I've been looking for these shortcuts for years; thank you!

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How can I change that keyboard shortcut from Option-A to something else? 
I need it because I use "ABC – Extended" keyboard layout, so Option-A is considered a special accent character ("Dead Macron"), the one that goes above following letters: ā ē ī ō ū –  and is not considered as "A".

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Dmitry, this is a mnemonic, mnemonics are not configurable, unfortunately:
On a good note, you can invoke them both with Alt and Ctrl+Alt. Check if Ctrl+Alt+A works better for you.


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