Refactor on Jaxb rename/move



Some of our classes get generated by jaxb from a schema.

Whenever one of those classes changes name (or is moved to a different package), we end up having to manually rename a gazillion imports, type references and field names in our own code.

Is there a way to use IntelliJ's refactoring features when a class' (file) name or location has changed, to get all references in our source code updated painlessly?



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Refactoring works automatically for the folders that are configured as sources, test sources or generated sources. Make sure the generated java files are under one of the source roots.

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Serge, I think the point is that the _schema_ is changed and the generated classes change automatically due to that.

I don't think IDEA can handle that.

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Ah, if the change to the class/name is external (due to the schema changes), IDEA cannot handle it. One can refactor beforehand knowing the new class name/location, and then generate the code.


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