Server debug uses Maven repository sources instead of actual codebase


I'm using IDEA 2016.1.3, but I've been running into similar issues from IDEA 15 and on.

Every time we do a Maven install there's an artifact created using the sources plugin called <artifact-name-version>-sources.jar.

When I debug server deployed code, IDEA takes that artifact to debug (step) from the M2 repo instead of my actual class in my IDE.  I would prefer to use my actual codebase instead of Maven artifact sources.  I can't seem to find a way to get this done.


I asked about something similar some time ago:

So I disabled the choice dialog as I don't want to be choosing a file every time I debug.  It's time wasting, irritating and it gets me out of my thought flow.


Any suggestions?

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What I have to do every time I do a Maven build is either disable the sources plugin (it's there for a reason) or delete the latest build from my local M2 repository.  

Every time...  It's not exactly user friendly.

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Hi, what kind of dependency do you have on the installed artifact?

If possible provide a project structure (or a sample project to reproduce).


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Sorry for the lateness, I was in holiday.

The dependency is just a regular one with scope compile.  I can't provide you with a project structure, I'm not allowed to do so.  However to reproduce I suggest the following:

Server is JBoss EAP 6.2 started as IDEA run/debug configuration in standalone mode.  There are NO deployments specified in that run configuration, I don't want code swap.  Every time I do a deploy it's done using a Maven command.  

When new code is deployed and a break point is triggered in debug mode IDEA opens the sources in the mvn repo instead of using the code in IDEA.  The mvn command is "mvn clean install" with a profile for deployment which attaches the 'deploy' goal from the jboss-as-maven-plugin to the install phase.  As said, every build has the 'jar' goal from the maven-source-plugin attached to the package phase.  So this means that when the install command is done, the sources-jar is also installed to the local repository.  



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