Describing objects - constantly loading

Something that is anoying, is quite frequent when I want to describe objects, it takes a long time to load the objects.

I try to use either of these 

database navigator

and it will just sit there and say "loading"

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>it takes a long time to load the objects.

So do the objects eventually show up in the tree? Do you see this issue only when first time expanding the tree?

Do you have any object filters configured in Schemas tab? Can you please atatch screenshot similar to this

and post idea.log here after reproducing the issue? Thank you.

Please also try if it helps to disable groupping of DB objects for this view.

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It doesn't happen all the time, just sometimes.

Will check these things next time it happens.

No object filtering.

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Schema filtering:

Happens will just sit there and try to load and load ... 


Very very frustrating ... 

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Not sure how you find the screenshot you are showing me though.


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