[Add new plugin] "Unfortunately something went wrong.” error on upload



1) I am experiencing issues with a uploading new plugin to Jetbrains repositories.
When I try to upload plugin I receive an error - "Unfortunately, something went wrong.” without any additional information.
Are there any possibilities to determine what exactly went wrong and what should be fixed?

2) Also, I have a question.
Currently, I have existing plugin, which is already in repository and people are using this plugin. It provides language support.
I created a new plugin, which includes previous plugin functionality.

Is it legit to upload this new plugin as an update to existing one? New plugin has different group id and name.

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Hello Dmitry,

There was a problem with plugin site that resulted in plugins without until-build to be rejected. It is now fixed and you can try uploading your plugin again.
Regarding your second questions: we have no objections and it is totally legit if you are fine with your users seeing another name.

Ivan Chirkov


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