Unable to upload files to server using PHPStorm, but getting a successful FTP and SFTP connection in settings.

I have been able to upload to my server using ftp with PHPStorm just fine for months, last time I uploaded a file to my server was last Friday. Today I showed up to my workstation and I cant upload anything to any of my servers including AWS. I checked my FTP credentials and I get a successful connection message when I test the connection, I tried connecting using SFTP instead, and again I get a successful connection but cannot upload any files to my server.

Not sure what to do, to get this to work again.

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Please set the Operations Logging in File | Settings (or PhpStorm | Preferences for Mac) | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment | Options to Details and reproduce the issue. Are there any errors?

If you try to upload a file, does anything come up in the log (available via Help > Show Log in ...)?


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