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I'm new using Rubymine. I want to know how to comment blocks of code but when I use the shortcut (command+slash) help menu is showed.

How can I comment blocks of code in Mac OS X?


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What is your system keyboard layout? What shortcuts are assigned to 'Comment with Block Comment' and 'Help' actions in Preferences | Keymap?


I have this problem, too, Italian layout.


Same problem, but in Intellij. Comment block CMD + SHIFT + FORWARD SLASH (or Question mark) clashes with OSX key-mapping. Take a look at 

You can see:

Question mark (?)
Open the Help menu.

I'd gladly disable OSX help keymap as I don't care for that, if I knew how... 


To diable OSX key mapping just follow below steps:

Click on Apple icon => System Preference => keyboard => shortcuts => App shortcuts=> uncheck show help menu


Apart from "show help menu", CMD-/ is also clashing with "hide or show the status bar in Finder" :/


I've the same problem, if it matters work fine with mac keyboard with numeric pad but not with the wireless compact one, and i have already disabled the app shortcuts.

Another thing if i press CMD + ( SHIFT + 7 = / ) with opened code menu the shortcut works, but if is close i see che code menu highlighted


I have the same problem as Raffaele Decarli. Only this is for my built in Macbook Pro keyboard with Touch bar. 


Same problem. Surprised this is still alive.


same problem. any solutions yet?





there's a corresponding request on our tracker, please check the proposed workaround:


i solve this problem this way.

firstly you have to go pycharm>preferences menu. you will see keymap sub menu left side on windows then click here.

then you will see main menu right side open this menu's sub menu, you will see code sub menu.

comment shortcut is here(this area name is -comment with line comment-) . you need clear others shortcut and add new shortcut here.



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