Scala and local libraries

Some what new to scala/java and any real development and very new to Intellij (used Sublime) as mainly just simple scripts.

See little help when faced with not 'downloading' everything as we block such access ?

Able to download and unpack the scala, sbt, scalatest and akka locally, but will fail no matter how I configure Intellij via proxies.

Find little clear explanation then how I configure the project defaults to create consistent new projects.

Can try all combination of pointing the Project Structure at the above libraries on my local disk, but when I create (un-checking download) it fails to create the correct folder structure and then complains about unresolved dependencies for the scala library, etc.

It's all on my workstation, but appear never to try and use them or find them ?

Can try to copy to project, point at the /scala directory or /scala/bin, or /scala/lib, etc.  Just fails to properly work.

Most forums, videos, etc all appear to assume you can just connect to the internet and download anything.  My situation is everything must be local.

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Update.  OK, so appears to be the SBT plugin only supports unto 0.13.8 and then hence only gives you the versions of scala.  Need to  play more.


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Hello! Usually the way to configure your dependencies is indeed via libraryDependencies in your build.sbt, which then get downloaded automatically by sbt. Currently there is an issue in the IntelliJ Scala plugin which causes the proxy options to not be passed to sbt. You may try running sbt from the command line with these proxy options. sbt will not easily work if it can't connect to repositories at all, because it needs to download various dependencies that aren't part of your project.

To add local libraries to an sbt project, just drop them in the <project home>/lib folder.

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Thanks Justin,

Think with tinkering broke it more as complains about importing SBT, not resolving libraries.   If I get some time will try complete re-install.

Pain if not working well with proxy settings.  Would be good if it could at least create the initial directory structure.


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