TypeScript compiler won't run on new files


I just upgraded from WS 2016.1 to WS 2016.2 because I thought I might have run into a bug or something. The problem is, my .ts files aren't being compiled anymore.

As you can see in the screenshot, the files:

  • companies-detail.component.ts
  • companies-list.component.ts

Aren't being auto-compiled. My TS compiler is on, haven't changed anything .. don't know what wrong to be honest.



Try changing any of these files - what is written in TypeScript compiler console?


OMG .. had a reset of my PC, removed the .idea folder and did that.. and now it's compiling, why didn't I think of that :s.

But now some dependencies aren't loaded or something. (Component, ROUTER_DIRECTIVES) normally they would turn orange like TableComponent.


they are loaded. The color depends on a value imported module provides - see https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-21935#comment=27-1459664


Hmm.. that sucks.. hopefully this gets fixed soon. Thx for the info!


Not planned to be fixed - it works as designed...


Yeah.. that's the spirit :s

I think you'll get a lot of complaints about this to be honest. Certainly because it's not possible to change the color. Looked at the TypeScript colors and Javascript colors, but can't really find anything to change it back to how it was in WS 2016.1


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