C/C++ syntax highlight

It seems a strange question, because it is a basic functionality but... my C/C++ syntax highlight is not working!

CLion for linux 2016.1.3 (build CL-145.1617) for linux 64

I customized colors in Settings/Editor/Colors & Fonts/Language Defaults. Created my own scheme, which is later applied via Ctrl+`. Some colors have been applied (comments C/C++ keywords) but nothing else (Classes/methods/variables/functions/macros etc...)

Thats how it is configured and how it actually looks:

I have to add that this is a Makefile project and the CMakeLists.txt file has been generated by the CLion. I'm using CLion just for the code editing, nothing else.

What is wrong? Thank you in advance!

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Apparently I just wasn't patient enough :) everything is highlighted on the next day. Scanning took too long :)


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