data console under vcs?

I guess this applies to datagrip and intellij with databases.

The data console is a pretty neat facility for exploring data. You can write a lot of queries and try things out. I come back to queries I've written previously and so on.

And intellij stores my consoles with the project.

But it looks like these consoles - which are effectively a repository of useful work - only exist in the weird state of an intellij project - not as regular accessible files that I can store in the vcs. 

We don't put the .idea project under source code control because we can easily rebuild them from sbt (it's a scala project). But is there any way to put the consoles in - or should I just copy/paste them into sql source files (which makes them significantly less useful since I don't get full execute support on a sql file - see DBE-2998 If I run a select query from a sql file (i.e. not a console) I can't see the results


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So, let's continue in

Now, if you run the script from the open file (like from the console) it works and you can attach this particular file to VCS.


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