HQL query highlighting and autocompletion for generic string


We maintain a lot of HQL queries as constant Strings in an interface.

public interface SomeQueries {
String PUPPIES = "select p from Dog d join d.puppies p";

The queries are maintained in a single interface to make them testable.

These strings are then used throughout the whole project for the creation of queries using an EntityManager.

EntityManager em;
Query tQuery = em.createQuery(SomeQueries.PUPPIES);

Is it possible to use HQL highlighting autocompletion and suggestions in these strings. Maybe is there a way to somehow annotate a string to indicate to IntelliJ to treat the string like a HQL-Query? How does IntelliJ determine which strings are HQL queries, since a String in the same class works fine:

EntityManager em = null;
String tQueryString = "select p from Dog d join d.puppies p";
Query tQuery = em.createQuery(tQueryString);


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Hello Sebastian,

Please see Using Language Injections related help topic. You can inject HQL into any string via intention action:

or using comments:


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