Use case for "Terminate process after disconnect"

I often find myself "closing all tabs" while in an intensive debug session ... hunting the proverbial zombie error. Now then, when I close all tabs i can get a very long series of this : 

It ends up being extremely tedious and frustrating. When i select "Close all tabs" , that is pretty imperative and hopefully would like the IDE to just do the needful : terminate all sessions without further questions.

My question : what could possibly be the use case for this prompt anyways ?  If there exists a valid use case (closing but keeping the session alive), should not there be an option to forcefully close tab with disconnect ? ie. get the hell out of here and start fresh, type of thing.

finally : Java is the new Cobol. An 'IntelliJ'ish answer may not be the right one in a PHP/JS/Objective-C context.


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We already have a related request submitted to our tracker here: <>. Please vote for it in order to move it up in the queue and receive notifications regarding the progress of the feature. See more information on working with tracker at <>.

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@Vladimir ... hahaha , still laughing. six year, 4 months ... and counting. I'll upvote just to see if we can get any action going. Do you still have programmers at Jetbrains or just product managers ?????


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Believe it or not but amount of votes actually does the trick and it may do it here too. :-)


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