IntelliJ 2016.2 Database schema not working correctly


I was using 20916.1.3 without issue connecting to MySQL & SQL Server databases.  When I installed 2016.2 and connected the same way, the schemas do not get populated correctly and I can't connect.

It seems that the UI has changed in 2016.2.  If I run 2016.1.3 it works fine.  Please go back to the 2016.1.3 in 2016.2. Currently I have to go back and use 2016.1.3 for my development.



Scott McEntee

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Hi Scott,

>the schemas do not get populated correctly and I can't connect.

What do you mean by "not populating correctly"? Please describe what exact issue you have.

Note that since 2016.2 version you select Database Schemas in Database tool window view using More Schemas... action: 

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I get a Database 'dbo' does not exist, but I added it in the schema:

 Here is my driver window:

These were setup and working in 2016.1.3 without issue.  Now they do not in 2016.2

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Do you use Database Console or run an sql file? Can you attach screenshot, showing full IDEA window and the error when you executing the query? Also please post content of idea.log after reproducing. Thanks.


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