Problem merging conflicts - UI does not give me option to accept my changes


Under "Local Changes"(I am using git), I have a file that causes a conflict, IntelliJ warns me that "Git Pull Failed Your local changes would be overwritten by merge. Commit, stash or revert them to proceed. View them." Clicking conflicting files, I am presented with Diff/Merge tool, only lets me accept changes from the repository, on top of that, windows has no way to close it.
I am doing something wrong ? Thank you.

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If you pull via Git | Pull, it doesn't allow to handle this kind of conflicts yet. Possible solution is to stash/shelve the local change away, pull, and then unstash/unshelve the change back.

However, if you pull via Update Project (pulls from the tracked branch) this procedure is done automatically. 

You may vote for to support the issue about the Pull action, and be notified once it is fixed.


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