Customized Task Repository and Optimize the default selected "From branch" in Open Task Dialog

Hi, all,

    We have a task repository (developed by another department, not listed in the default task server list). We want to extend the idea task plugin for it.

    So, i do these things to implement it:

    1. Add a Repository Type

    2. Add a Repository implement

    3. Add a Repository Editor and add fields for additional information required.

    4. Add <tasks.repositoryType> in <extensions> in plugin.xml

    But the tag <tasks.repositoryType> is reported that it's not allowed in the extensions. So, is there anything i haven't done but should be done?


    And, there is another requirement i don't know how to implement:

    Our task repository will have a field suggesting which git branch the assignee should create new branch from. So we want to specified the default selected branch. But the default selected branch is specified by using PropertiesComponent.gentInstance(project).getValue(START_FROM_BRANCH). 

    I currently append the branch info to the presentableId and set START_FROM_BRANCH in getIcon() (which will be called in constructor of OpenTaskDialog). But is there any way to do it gracefully?


Meilun Sheng


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