IDEA Not Honoring Version of Dependencies (Sources Mixed Up)



I'm currently using IDEA 2016.2.1. (But the issue also occurred on version 15.x)

I have a Grails project where I am referencing very specific version of dependencies in the BuildConfig.groovy.  If I run the dependency report it shows that only the correct version of the libraries are referenced (none others).  However, when I set breakpoints and follow those into the dependency sources, it is grabbing the incorrect sources (sources from another version of the same dependency).  The only way I am able to get the IDE to use the correct version of the sources/symbols is to delete all other versions from my local repository.  This isn't an ideal solution because I have other projects using those other library versions.

Is this a known issue and is there a better way to work around it?





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Please submit a bug at with a sample project and the exact steps to reproduce the problem.


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