Getting 500 errors when creating a file in phpstorm


I set up a project on a remote server. I can connect to it fine, sync files, upload to the server, connect with MYSQL and git... but any time I try to create a new file in phpstorm and then upload it to the remote I get  a 500 Internal Server Error when visiting that page.

I can create a file in other IDE's and upload it to the server with no problems, I can create a file in windows and use a separate program to FTP to the server  with no problems. I can open those files up in phpstorm, edit them in phpstorm and upload to the remote from phpstorm without any problems.

But any time the file is created, or renamed in phpstorm then uploaded to the remote I get the 500 error.

Even simple 'Hello World' pages.

I checked the permissions and they are set at 664. Change them to 777 just in case and still the 500 error.

And nothing shows up in the error log.

I am just trying out the trial of phpstorm now and really confused on this. Any help would be great!




EDIT: seemed to have fixed the problem by going to 


and checking "overide default permissions on files"




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