Pycharm vs Intellij for Vagrant Remote Interpreter

Hi Guys, 

I've been comparing the vagrant remote interpreter features of Pycharm (2016.2.1) vs Intellij. I'm generally an Intellij user and would prefer to use it foremost (Java dev mainly) but I'm having some trouble with a python project that is otherwise working correctly in Pycharm. I was under the impression that the python plugin for Intellij ultimate is equivalent to using Pycharm? If so, I was hoping someone could suggest where I'm going wrong ...

In Pycharm

I've managed to correctly setup my remote interpreter and it's able to see all my installed dependencies:

and it's happily running my tests etc - which is great:

In Intellij

However, the exact same project in Intellij with (what I believe is) an equivalent configuration:

but I get dependency errors throughout my code (which I don't get in PyCharm).

It seems I can't configure the remote sources in the same way. Am I missing something?

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




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