Perpetual Fallback License?


Hi, in my License Info it says "You have perpetual fallback for this version": 

I was wondering what exactly that means when I have payed for a year in advance? Does this mean that after June 15, 2017 if I do not pay I can still keep using the Ultimate Edition?


I have read this post: But did not really understand what this means for me.

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This means that you can use the version you have purchased (2016.1) forever, even after your subscription expires. Our sales team has contacted you with more details.

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Can one port the personal perpetual fallback licence on to another computer or use it on both computers at the same time?

Tried to install and use my licence on a new laptop I recently bought, but when Trying to use the license key, it would prompt me it has expired and wont allow me to use the product at all. 

So I wonder if I'm stuck to use the fallback version only at the old computer, which honestly would be terrible.

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You can, it looks like you either use a different license or a different product version you don't have the fallback license for, please contact the sales team for details:


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