Configure Database tool default upon start up

Hello there, 


I'm getting really annoyed by the fact that the default view of the database tool does not correspond to my last used state before quitting DG, rather some - to me - random choice. Is there a way to save a certain view (uncollapsed views vs. tables for two different schemas of the same DB for example) of the database tool?


Thanks and best, 



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Hello jan,


Do you mean that the viewing mode, use set for the DB tool window by clicking on a gear icon (grouping Schema, grouping contents etc) are not saved, or that the object tree does not actually correspond to the last state when it was closed?

Can you please attach screenshots, showing some examples of the view before and after restart? Thanks.

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Hey Andrey, 


the object tree does not correspond to the last state it was closed. And by changing the viewing settings via the available grouping options I can not produce the view style I want. 


This is default view upon opening DataGrip, both schema & content grouping enabled. 

What I work with though (and have it like that when closing DG) is having the tables in schema 1 collapsed and the views uncollapsed and vice versa have the tables uncollapsed and the views collapsed for schema 2. So on start up, the view is fine for schema 2, but not for schema 1. 


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