Raspberry PI 3 Pycharm no print output


Hi, I have searched the forum and tried google but no joy.

I have PyCharm running on the Raspberry Pi 

Invoked by "bash pycharm.sh" in the bin directory.

All starts up OK

Simple Hello World programme by

print("Hello World")

The console shows "Process finished with exit code 0" but there is no "Hello World" on the console.

Exact same installation on my mac works with the words "Hello World" before the "Process finished with exit code 0" statement on the console.

Amy ideas?



OK I will answer it myself! Might help others.

After a lot of fiddling I did the following as I was suspicious of the External Libraries entry of "Unknown at...."

So via menu

Default Settings
Project Interpreter
was set at "Unknown at /usr/bin/pypclean”
changed in the pull down menu to
also changed the setting at
Default Settings
Build, Execution, Deployment
Python Console
Python interpreter
was set at "Unknown at /usr/bin/pypclean”
changed in the pull down menu to
Then I restarted the phcharm programme and it all works.

Warning it does take some time for each of the steps on the PI. Watch the % processor widget to see it is merrily working its heart out!
Maybe someone can say why it defaulted to “pypclean"
what it is and why it didn’t work.

Happy now but await explanation if any.




Hi. Live. Just saw this thread. May I ask how your experience has been using pycharm on the RPi? Has the experience been like on windows or OS X (albeit of course slower)?


Kurt Euler



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