Support for Powershell?


A lot of code I write is centered around Python and JINJA for SaltStack. However, we do use some PowerShell scripts which are part of the Salt Repo's as well. All of this works great in PyCharm except for Powershell.

I am honestly not interested in much with regards to PowerShell but would be great if there was a way I can get Syntax Highlighting for PS scripts. Is that something that is present already but I am having a hard time locating? Or is this not available? 


I am with you on this.  We mainly use Java, but have quite a few PS scripts to manage and syntax highlighting would be super useful.


I have not heard back on this for a while so not sure if anything will ever happen with PowerShell support for PyCharm. I actually subscribed to the all products pack this month but don't think PowerShell is supported on any of the JetBrains product(s).


Please, vote for the existing feature request to increase its priority and be notified about updates. Thank you!


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