PEP8 checking doctest



I can not work out how to format my doctests so that the code inspector considers them to be correct (or alternatively to disable checking of doctests).

Here is an example:

def update(self):
"""Context manager to ensure that all observers are correctly
notified of changes to the model.


>>> m = BaseTableModel(None, [], [])
>>> with m.update():
... m.mylist.append([])

The results from the code inspector are:

PEP 8: unexpected indentation
PEP 8: expected an indented block

Can you tell me how I should format this code so that the inspector thinks that it is valid, or how to turn off code inspection for doctests?

Many thanks



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Hi Richard,


What do you mean by "Code inspector"? In my case there are no PEP-8-related errors for this code in the editor and "Inspect Code" doesn't report anything either. Normally, "PEP 8 coding style violations" inspection should be disabled for any sort of injected Python fragment. Could you please clarify where exactly you see these results?

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Hi Mikhail

What I meant by 'Code Inspector' is the functionality that dynamically shows warning and errors in the editor by highlighting the offending code.

I was seeing these warnings in the editor window. However, with the latest version (2016.3.2) they no longer appear.

So I guess the issue has been resolved.

All the best.




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