angular2 custom import names

i am using webstorm to create angular2 project with typescript.
i have a custom import name that i defined in systemjs config file and importing my modules by their custom import
names but in webstorm i get "cannot resolve directory" alert on mouse over because IDE does not know anything
about my custom names and there is no folder with that custom name and i want to reach without folder in webstorm.

is there a way to define my custom
import names( or allias to the import name ) in webstorm so that i dont get "cannot resolve directory" and go the
definition of that class?


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WebStorm 2016.2.2 supports jspm mappings defined in system.js config, but this only works for javaScript. For TypeScript, you need using path mappings in tsconfig.json ( Note that this option is only available since TypeScript 1.9+, so you need to make sure to install the most recent Typescript compiler and set it up as a custom compiler in WebStorm


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