How to refresh code check?


I have installed PyCharm 5.0.5 for Mac, and lately, after some hours working, the syntax checker shows me errors that really don't. For example, declaring a new variable  (var_name = None) or using variables previously defined,...

I need to restart the whole PyCharm application in order to get a free-errors code.

Is there any way to refresh the code check without restarting? or any way to avoid this issue?


Thanks in advance


Please try File| Invalidate Caches/Restart| Invalidate. Does it help?


Invalidate Caches only doesn't work. Only works if the restart is included. But restarting the PyCharm is what I tried to avoid.

SOLVED: I've found a solution to re-scan my code and correct all this false errors: Just select all - cut - paste. Ant the code is re-scanned.


this bug is still present. Thanks for the workaround Candido


Unbelievable this bug still exists, vscode can easily handle this without restart typescript server. Regret of my subscription


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