How to scan all .java files on a project for parsing ?


I want to create a plugin that inserts a test menu item that when clicked on will scan all .java files and will change some of them (a sort of code translation) but I am new to plugin development and I can't even figure out how to cycle through all files on my project folder. I think I will use PSI but I am not sure how, does anyone has an idea how to accomplish this?


Thank you for your time,

Guilherme Andrade

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You might want to check if you can achieve this via SSR

Otherwise please describe in more detail what "change some of them" actually means.


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SSR seems really eficient for what I am looking for but how can I use it only with code? For example let's say I want to modify a certain .java file, changing a foo() method's name to newfoo(), how would I do that with SSR?

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Thank you for your help! ;)


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