Maven depdencies of Flex projects not found in modules




We are trying to move from Eclipse + Flash Builder plugin to Intellij.

Our Flex projects (swc / swf) are on maven + flexmojo.


Current problem is that when importing maven flex projects in Intellij, everything look fine, particulary in "Maven Projects" view, until we open a class, and then we realize that the editor does not see any swc dependency (even the flex/flash framework).


In "Project Structure", the problem seems to be that our projects don't have the "Flex Facet" (we can have it by making a new project from scratch), and we don't have the option to add it.


How it it supposed to work ? Is there an option to tell intellij modules to use maven dependencies ? Why do flex compilations errors show only after opening a file? Isn't it possible to compile and see all the errors at once ?


Screenshots of our project : 




Thomas Lebrun



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> our projects don't have the "Flex Facet"

There's no such thing as "Flex Facet" in IntelliJ IDEA. Flex projects are configured using Flash modules, Flash modules contain one or more Flash Build Configurations.

> How it it supposed to work?

On Flexmojos project import Flash modules with ready-to-use Flash Build Configurations should be created. But according to your Project Structure screenshot, no Flash modules were created, all modules on your screenshot are Java modules. To find the reason I need to take a look at your pom.xml files. Also please attach log files from Help | Show Log.


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Sorry was referencing this page talking about "flex facet", but pretty old one.


Here is the pom of one of swc projects :

And here are the logs after importing and compiling swc project from maven



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IntelliJ IDEA doesn't know com.probtp.maven.plugins.flexmojos:flexmojos-maven-plugin plugin, that's why it doesn't import your pom as a Flex project. IDE supports only standard flexmojos plugin.


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