Appcode opens files strangely if project is opened via symlink


If you open a project via a symlink in the path, AppCode has some strange behaviours opening files.

For example, a project's root folder:
Given this symlink:
    /users/username/symlink -> /Users/username/development/github
open the project via this path:

When opened via symlink, AppCode has some strange effects opening files:

Opening a file from the project window, it opens in the editor with full syntax highlighting and such; the tab lists the relative path to the file from the project's root.  

However when opening a file from another window (say, from messages), or if a file is opened due to a breakpoint while debugging, syntax highlighting does not happen on that file; any breakpoints on that file are not displayed (even when the debugger stops on those breakpoints).  The tab lists the path as from the symlink rather than from the project's root.

In this case, you can (and could) have the same file opened in two separate tabs; one relative to the project path, one with the symlink path.  Editing one or the other makes AppCode complain about differences between file in memory and file on disk, obviously.. 

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Have the same issue with symlink in the path.


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