[Navigating to Declaration] Search only within a defined Scope.

I have multiple distinct JS 'mini projects' in my tree. I have assigned them scopes, when navigating to the declaration of a function or type etc. PyCharm is currently jumping outside the scope and giving me an irrelevant definition, making the feature useless in this context.

The coloring rules make the "Go To .. Implementation(s)" feature a more usable alternative, but I'd like to be able to specify (per directory or scope) the search restrictions of where to find suitable definitions/declarations/implementations/uses. For example, i'd like to be able to ensure that "Go To .. Declaration" takes me immediately to the declaration within scope, and that "Go To .. Impl(s)" actually doesn't show me implementations outside the scope of the file [if i have configured it not to].

Is this or something suitably equivalent possible?

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