phpStorm 2016.2 (latest) buggy?

I have installed the latest version of phpStorm 2016.2 and I am running the x64 executable. I am creating a project where files are shared trough SFTP, after I get everything configured and IDE ends to copy files from remote to local nothing else happen meaning I am not seeing the project created. I have restarted the IDE several times but no changes, I have tried more than three times and no changes, can any help me to fix this?

If you need any information feel free to ask for it

Thank you

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As a comment, I went back to phpStorm 2016.1 and everything works as should be so definitely 2016.2 is BUGGY!!

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Hi there,

Anything in idea.log?

So far it could be .. which is fixed for 2016.2.1

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@Andriy I've installed the latest EAP version and seem to be fixed but now debugging isn't working. Maybe something is miss configured in my side so take a look to the following:

  • I am using PHP 5.6.24
  • Xdebug is enabled as the following image shows:

  • IDE is configured as image below shows:

  • Xdebug is enabled in the browser (Chrome) using Xdebug Helper extension

  • Breakpoints are set and multiple times just in case

As soon as I open the page nothing happen is like the IDE wasn't listen up to incoming connection and therefore it will not execute the debug, what I am missing?

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First of all -- collect xdebug logs and see what it will have to say about it (what it does etc).

There are many possible reasons:

  • wrong IP or port
  • firewall
  • another app already using that port
  • xdebug does not see cookie (somehow)
  • invalid path mappings
  • putting breakpoint in a wrong file .. or a code that never gets executed

I do see some underwaved code on your screenshot -- sometimes (e.g. multiple classes with the same name) it could mean wrong file.

In any case -- xdebug log first.

Also try placing xdebug_break(); in your code (programmatic breakpoint) to see how it will behave here.


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what do you think if we remove all this question/answer from here and continue on StackOverflow? Let's keep this post as it's on first time which problem is fixed and let's keep this on StackOverflow, you agreed? If so move your answer to there or you prefer to continue here?

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Anyway I've explain everything better in SO with some answers for you already :)


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