Importing React project structure

I already have a React project structure like this. How do I import this into WebStorm 2016 ? Is it not like importing an existing Java/JEE project into the IDE ?

How is it different for React projects and WebStorm ? I want to run the tests and run the code from within WebStorm.

  • .babelrc

  • .eslintrc

  • node_modules

  • package.json


  • src

  • tools



  • __tests__


Update : I opened this project.  I updated to ES6 when prompted.

How do I run tests using jest ? How can I run this reactjs app ?



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>How can I run this reactjs app ?

It depends on your application... How do you normally run it (when not using WebStorm)? Via 'npm start' or smth similar? You can use NPM tool window for running your application then - see

>How do I run tests using jest ?

Jest is not yet supported ( However you can use Node.js run configuration to run Jest tests in WebStorm - see


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