Create a template for importing from CSV file

I imported data from 20 CSV files. Each time I did the same sequence of steps (delete N columns, specify data type and column name, etc).

Is there a way to save the described sequence as a template?



Also, there is a checkbox "Write error records to file". 

Is it possible to make it enabled by default and combine path to file by "saved path + table name + datetime".log?

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Hi, Anton!

By now, there is no possibility to do this, but we'll think about it.

Vote for and write your thoughts.

What type of columns do you specify and what database do you use?

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Can you please describe how you imagine this kind of UI you wish to have?

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Yes, sure.


I thought of this as a dropdown menu with some previously used templates. 

It is up to you where to place the save button, as I don't see any difference



This is the approximate use case I was talking of:

1. I open "Import data from file" dialog and then open "first.csv" file

2. Set column name/type, etc

3. After I'm pleased with a result, I can save it by clicking "Save as template.." button

4. (whenever I need) I open "Import data from file" dialog again and select template saved on the previous step from a dropdown menu


Perhaps it makes sense to create table names based on a filename imported.

This can be managed by a checkbox "Use file name as table name".


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