Completely disable unittests



I have spent like 1 hour inside Pycharm settings jungle (must be the worst settings and interface layout I have ever seen).

How can I completely disable this nonsense that you are forcing your users with: "unittests"? I cannot run my program now, just because it has some keywords which your IDE detects as  handles to switch normal "run" to "run unittests". How can I completely disable unittests? 


Your documentation lacks answers or at least clarity, there is no information online (aside from some temporary solutions) and I cannot locate such setting myself. This boggles my mind as this PyCharm is completely opposite to what it is claiming to be - a time saver. I wasted more than 1 hour now trying to find a solution to a setting that should be completely OPTIONAL. Sometimes it is a good idea to look at your competitors such as Eclipse where IDE actually works to help the user not to block him from working. 



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For now it is the only way to create run configuration and set certain script directly.

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