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Is it possible to open a new IDE window for the same project? I kida run out of space and I would like to separate tings a bit. I do use split-window feature, but it's not enough. I wish I could use separate window for tests and other project files. Sometimes I even want to have 3 windows.

If it's not currently possible I would like to request that feature or vote for the request if someone else already did it. I'm writing in the forum before I post in bugtracker to ask if it's a reasonable request/easy enough to do or of it has been requested already.

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Hi there,

What do you mean by "separate window" exactly -- just editor or full independent frame (separate Project View/Structure panel etc)?

You can detach any editor tab and drop it outside of the main window -- IDE will create separate/detached editor window there that can have multiple editor tabs

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Detach doesn't do the job. I need full featured IDE frame - project view, debug/console and other tool windows, so I can easily alt-tab between them.

I thought about splitting the project to smaller projects, but everything is related, so I can't do that. And I don't want to have different projects, just the same IDE frame twice (or more times).

The problem is that I'm used to navigation in commander style file list. I used salamander + edit plus for editing. I have one commander window (file list) in each folder I'm currently editing. The tree style gets too long I have





Each of them has 10 to 30 subfolders. If I open a folder in class-root then corresponding folder in tests, then a folder in www and templates, the file tree becomes so big that it's unusable. Usually I use navigate->file to open a file, but sometimes I forget what exactly I need and having a list of files helps me pick the correct file faster. That's why I need separate windows to only have one path opened in project view and files from this path in the editor.

It's similar to what a modern web browser is - you have tabs and windows. Even though you have many ways to access a page - search engine, favorites, button toolbar, it's still more convenient to have common topics groupped in windows. Like for example all php help tags in one window, tabs of website being developed in another, library reference in yet another.

The links you gave me are helpful. I'll see what I can get something useful for me from them. But they do not offer what I need.

+few more resource directories

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That's not possible (and I'm not sure if will be in any near future).

Even if you install 2 versions of the same IDE (and configure them to work with separate configs so they do not interfere with each other settings) they would still work with the same project and will show "Project 'project-name' components were changed externally and cannot be reloaded" sort of messages when you switch between them (for example, just to have an idea:


The only solution here (as I see it) is to have 2 separate projects that would work with the same files (cons -- you would need to configure them separately/twice). For that:

  • Create brand new empty project -- the folder where it will be created will be used for storing .idea subfolder only
  • Go to "Settings/Preferences | Directories"
  • Remove existing Content Root
  • Add new Content Root -- point to the folder(s) with your original project files
  • Save -- now you have another project that works with the same files (but has to be configured separately)
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(I edited above post, adding more detailed explanation why I need it)

Yes, it can't be achieved using 2 IDEs.The only way is to be supported internally. Split to smaller projects won't be as flexible.

There is probably a workaround - having two separate projects - Primary and secondary. Primary with git + autodeploy to secondary, and the secondary has auto-deploy to the first one. It's not a clean solution, but I might try it.

Still, I would like to know the chances my feature request to be implemented

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Please re-read my suggestion in previous comment again.

There will be no 2 separate projects each of which would have only part of the project etc -- it will be the same files -- so no need for "autodeploy" of any kind. With IDE configured to refresh files on gaining focus (which is by default) IDE would see the changes made in another IDE window automatically (or you just hit Synchronise button).


> Still, I would like to know the chances my feature request to be implemented

I'm not a JB employee .. but I would say pretty low (my own estimate for such kind of request -- it's rather limited usage case). But I still recommend to submit such ticket -- maybe devs will see it as useful-these-days feature.

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I didn't understand your suggestion. When you create new project in a specific directory, how do yo add "new content root". Is it possible to create project in one directory - let's say "/projects/dir2" and having project files in another directory - "/projects/dir1"?

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>When you create new project in a specific directory, how do yo add "new content root"

I gave you the exact instructions in my previous comment

>Is it possible to create project in one directory - let's say "/projects/dir2" and having project files in another directory - "/projects/dir1"?

Yes -- that's exactly what my suggestion is about.

Please try my suggestion and see how it works for you -- it will not destroy any of your files (but you do regular backups anyway, right?)


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