DocumentEvent and PsiTreeChangeEvent fired many times

I need to run a compiler whenever a document changes. A compiler is a relatively slow process, so I only want to run it once per change, at most; and probably with some throttling. My first thought was to do either 




However, I find that on a single document change, both get fired 10 or more times. Why is that, and how can I invoke the compiler exactly once? I don't want to wait for the file to be saved, because my next step will be to turn compiler warnings and errors into annotations.

Edit: also tried  externalAnnotator, but my external annotator is never called. Is not it supposed to be called on file change? No errors in plugin.xml or console.

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Привет Ирина, 

document change events are triggered often. Nothing wrong with that. Calling external process on each event will slow down the program a lot.


here is another possibility:

init a repeat process on start. This process will run at regular intervals, trigger compiler and annotator.


To avoid compilation in idle:

listen to document change events. 

the listener(s) will save a timestamp of last change. Store this timestamp in a service.

the repeat process will check current time against last changed stamp (stored in service).


write if you need hints re: how to do any of these.

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Привет Imants,

Thank you for your response. This is not an external process I am running. The compiler is Java code run in-process that I can modify a bit if I have to (but probably not a lot, given time constraints). It's Psi-aware and uses code generated by GrammarPlugin, wrapped into some fixtures to make it run standalone. 

Seems like a perfect candidate for externalAnnotator, does not it? Not sure why my externalAnnotator is never called. 

I can implement your solution, this sounds straightforward enough, but I wonder if there is a better way in light of the above.

So, document change events are triggered dozens of time per each character entered? What is the purpose of this? Just curious.



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different event triggers are probably not aware of each other. They trigger event as soon as there is a reason to do so, without connection to other event triggers.


is externalAnnotator extension properly registered?

are all ExternalAnnotator methods implemented (overriden)? Note they are not abstract so easy to overlook.

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There should be only one document change event (reported to listeners registered via Document.addDocumentListener) per character entered. Make sure you register only one listener or register it only once.


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