TSConfig.json in root folder in a TypeScript project

In my TypeScript project in WebStorm I have a src folder with my *.TS files.

Project Folder
-- src Folder
---- core Folder
------ myCore.ts

I added a tsconfig.json to the root folder and "Enabling TypeScript Compiler" with "Use tsconfig.json" the compiler sees this file as a TS file and I'm getting errors.

If I change the Settings to "Set Options Manually", the compiler works but it generates tsconfig.json.js and tsconfig.json.js.map.

I fixed moving tsconfig.json to each TS Folder.


I think that Compiler must ignore the tsconfig on the root.



https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-22833 is fixed, fix will be available in the next 2016.3 EAP.

For now, I'd suggest disabling 'Use typescript service (experimental)' option - this issue seems to only occur when this service is enabled


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