File Watcher Not Triggering

 Hi, for some reason I can only trigger my File Watcher by manually choosing the root folder being watched and using command Ctrl + Shift + A then running "Run File Watchers" command. If I edit one of the files within the scope of my watcher and save it, it does not appear to execute the watcher script. My scope definition contains a pattern similar to "file[project-module]:my-folder//*". It is intended to watch all the files (recursively) under "my-folder". All the folders and the files I want to be watched are all highlighted green. Below is a screenshot of my watcher configuration.


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There seems to be several issues in your set-up, please read 


- Your filetype should likely be set to "all", not "unknown", so watcher knows which files to track. 

- You are lacking "working directory"

- You likely need to specify which output to refresh. 

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I changed "File type" to "Any" and it worked.

I made the foolish assumption that "UNKNOWN" would apply to any file. Thank you!

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I also found that this sometime occurs when you have all settings right. Just rebooting the program restores functionality.


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