AppCode 2016.2.2 , Build #OC-162.1967.8 with TV OS 10 and Swift 3



can I use this Version of AppCode mentioned in the subject together with Xcode 8 GM , TV OS 10 and iOS 10?







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Hi Frank,

Swift 3 is not yet supported in AppCode, we're preparing a set of 2016.2.x updates (2016.2.3 and further) to deliver most crucial SE changes (you can check progress for OC-13726 subtasks). As for Xcode 8, we have an issue with quick doc (OC-13906) which we also plan to fix in upcoming 2016.2.x, otherwise, it should be fine to use Xcode 8 with AppCode 2016.2.2.

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any timeline for an EAP that supports Swift 3?   Right now, because 2016.2.2 doesn't recognize the fileprivate keyword, it kinda mangles the source file; I ended up checking in code yesterday that had all the fileprivate modifiers somehow moved to 2 lines above the func definitions.   I'm reduced to doing all my editing in Xcode 8, it's making me cry; I want mommy.

Any insight as to ETA for  EAP that will work with fileprivate declarations is welcome.    Otherwise, 2016.2.2 was sorta-kinda working well enough for me such that I was using it for most tasks.

(I get that you guys have lotsa stuff to do, just appreciate any insight as to how long before you kind of catch up with the iOS10/Swift3 train).  




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Thank you for taking time to file an issue. It looks like a good candidate to be implemented as a priority task due to 'fileprivate' parsing problem. Not sure we can fit it into upcoming 2016.2.3 update due to a number of tasks in progress, but we'll consider it for next update(s). We're trying to deliver features as they come, and EAP builds are normally released every week, so watch our blog to get updates.


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