RubyMine 2016.2.2 and generic Rails 4 project - In-IDE Testing is broken

I'm helping a client update their project to Rails 4.  While upgrading from Rails 3.2 -> 4.0, we noticed that Rails removed Test:Unit and moved 100% to Minitest framework.  This was a relatively easy change for us, but, after going to the "Official Rails 4 Unit Test Framework" --- that you'd get out-of-the box with a brand new Rails project, our ability to run and debug tests in the IDE is completely broken.

Everything works fine from the command line.  When trying to run all the tests in the IDE via right clicking on the tests/unit folder and picking "Run all tests..." menu, it sits on "Instantiating tests..." for a long time (looking at the log, shows its actually running the tests), but the lists of tests and their red/green status never shows up.  Similarly, when we try to run a single test, it ends up running every test in the file, and just shows as instantiating and never shows the detailed status or results.

I saw a post somewhere on StackOverflow that we need to include the 'minitest-reporters' gem, which I've added.  We're just using the standard Rails version of minitest (no other gems), and derive from ActiveSupport::TestCase (not Test:Unit or anything else).

It seems Rails 4.0 (and greater) have been out long enough for RubyMine to completely support the standard test framework for the platform, so all the old forum posts advising to "move back to Test:Unit" or install the full version of Test:Unit seem to no longer apply.  How can I fix this?

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Hello, John,

could you please provide your Gemfile or a project sample (that would be even more helpful).


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