No Postgres Schema Support?

It appears that DataGrip doesn't support PostgreSQL schemas. Even when I try to specify a schema search path manually in the URL, DataGrip always connects to the public schema. Either I'm missing something, or this is a huge oversight in DataGrip's Postgres "support."

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Actually, the answer above is not true: in Options tab from 2016.2 you choose only objects to resolve if there is a file not attached to datasource. Schema chooser now is a dropdown in the database view:

Search path  for each console can be found here:

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Hey Jonathan, 

I'm using DG with PostgreSQL and schemas work perfectly fine for me. I do not specify any schema in the connection string, but if you check the Data Source Properties of your DB (cmd + ; on OS X) go to the Options tab and there you should find a dropdown list under the name of your DB where you can check & uncheck the schemas you want to display. 



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Is there a way I can set that to the default, I have selected it a few times and pressed enter to select as default, but every time I go back, it selects public again? I have multiple connections open if that helps.


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