IntelliJ unreadable file headers with Dracula theme and VCS


I am using Dracula theme with IntelliJ and am using Git VCS.

With Git VCS, the modified files are shown as blue colour and untracked files are shown in red at the file editor's title. With the Dracula theme behind, the file names in the Editor title are completely unreadable.

I tried changing these colors under Preferrences --> Editor --> Colors & Fonts --> File status.
But this doesn't seem to change the color in the file editor's title.

Is there anyway to disable these colouring options in the file editor's title alone? Please find further details in the attached image. 


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Preferences --> Editor --> Colors & Fonts --> File status is exactly where you need to change this.
The thing is that colours of file title is not changed on the fly.

So you need to close files in Editor and when you reopen them, Title will have the same color as the Project structure.

In 2016.1 this has been changed and Title color is modified on the fly.

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That works. Thanks a ton Dmitriy Smirnov. :) 


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