How can I change the background color of the toolbar, project tree, etc.?


RubyMine 2016.2.1 on OS X.

I figured out how to change the background of the editors.

I'd like to change the background color of the areas surrounding the editors.

For example, the toolbar across the top, the project folders tree, and so on.

I found some older posts like this one, but I'm not sure if they're still accurate.

If so, the answer to the linked post was...

> The colors and fonts used by the standard Swing UI components (tree, list etc.) are defined by the look & feel you have selected. You can search for a L&F which supports color customization or your preferred color palette.

Is there a "Look and Feel?" setting in preferences? I searched the preferences, but I couldn't find an option that referred to "look and feel." (I found this page in the docs, but it seems to be talking about the "scheme" or "theme" and it sounds like that's something different?)

How would I search for a "Look and Feel?" Where would I search? Is there a repository online somewhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



at the moment there is no option to change that color, here are the corresponding requests on our tracker:

You can try also the following third-party plugin:



that third party plugin is no longer supported so why can't you finally just implement this yourself JetBrains into the damn IDE once and for all  Hell VSCode has a uniform look to their background so you better get with it or eventually MS is going to kick your ass.  These subtle things matter more than you think


Dave's choice of words might come across a bit harsh, but essentially I think the same. The background now is a greyish green that is just a bit too bright to allow for a good contrast. And I would't choose green in the first place.

Anyway, if you can't change it, maybe explain why it is so hard to change? Thanks.


Good that attempts are being made to improve changing IDE colors.  Every couple years I need to setup an Intellij and same things happens.

1) choose a theme 
2) change editor background color to light gray
3) get annoyed that project explorer color is bright white or whatever color the operation system chose as a default
4) Google for a few hours for way to change project explorer color for version of Intellij I'm using.
5) Eventually get it but takes way too long and I have to submit to learning the Idea Intellij way...  in this iteration it is an overly complex process of using plugins and theme files.

On the other hand if I just use VS Code,  I google it and first result shows an example and it is not convoluted.  Sorry if I am also being harsh but why not just follow VS Code and be done with it?


Today I discovered that a new release (5.2.0) of material ui help a little.

> New Feature: Project Frame Color: Add a colored stripe on top of each project for easier visualization. Inspired by Unique Window Colors for VSCode.


It add this colored bar. Works for me, I just dont know yet if I can choose the color to match the ones I use with vscode.


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