Lack of a UIKit docs integration


In the Xcode I'm able to do a force touch on a UIKit method (i.e. applicationWillResignActive) or Delegate (i.e. UIApplicationDelegate) to see its description. In AppCode I can tap a F1 key while having a caret on a UIApplicationDelegate to see a docs abstract (what isn't so helpful), or press Shift + F1 combo to see an external documentation in a browser (what isn't so handy). The main problem is that using F1 on i.e. applicationWillResignActive method doesn't provide any helpful information — it just provides a method signature, and a Shift + F1 combo literally does nothing. Is there a workaround to have a possibility to perform a quick lookup of a UIKit docs?


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Stanislav Dombrovsky
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Could you please tell, whic Xcode version are you using with AppCode and from which language (Objc/Swift) you are trying to invoke the documentation? 

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