Recieving errors in debug configuration only in 2016.2 (works in 2016.1)

so the failing line is this-
self._rpyc_connection = rpyc.connect(self._rpyc_address, self._rpyc_port)
using a normal run configuration this code works.
when using debugging configuration i get this error-

using breakpoints on that line does not stop (but the errors are coming anyway)
this does not happen in 2016.1

how can i look further into why this is happening?
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I noticed that i didnt include the error in the original post and i cant find th edit option

the error im getting is

rpyc execution failed retrying exception:argument must be an int, or have a fileno() method.

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Hi! It looks like your bug has already have an issue in our tracker:
The bug is already fixed, but hasn't been released yet.


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