The Webstorm is hanged every 5-10 minutes,, attached the dump log.

The Webstorm is hanged every 5-10 minutes (Linux), attached the dump log.

I have tried a lot of configuration for the IDE , but the hang problem cannot been solve.

By the way. it is not only me, some of my friends also have this issue.


The recently thread dump files:

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Dumps don't show up any particular issues. By hanging, do you mean that the IDE is locked and has to be killed, or just slows down for a few seconds? please try taking CPU snapshots once the problem occurs - see for instructions. Also, what does your application look like - frameworks/build tools being used? How big is your project?
I'd suggest excluding all folders dynamically generated by build tools from your project (Mark directory as/Excluded). Other directories you don't need to get completion from (auxiliary node_modules, bower_components, etc.) can be excluded as well.


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