CMAKE can't find Lua on Windows. Works fine on Linux.

The command I'm using works fine on Linux, but I need to port the project to run on Windows as well, and I can't get CMake to find all of the Lua directories.  I'm using


I receive a message about finding a suitable exact version, but can't get the lib folder, even if I give a direct path to the lib folder. (tried renaming the lib folder as well) I'm using Cygwin, and have lua5.3.exp, lua5.3.lib, lua5.3-static.lib, luac.exp, and luac.lib.  


Maybe, I didn't build Lua correctly, or grab the right version for Windows? I see that there's a Cygwin package up on Sourceforge. Is that built correctly? I have a feeling I'm going to need to statically link in the long run, and not really sure how to set that up for Cygwin. Thanks.

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Hi Michael.

Could you please open CMake Cache tab and verify that LUA_LIBRARIES variable is present and points to the location you are expecting. Please note that FIND_PACKAGE doesn't update found variables so you might have to invalidate CMake Cache. Also please specify which error message you are getting?

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I managed to resolve the issue. It turns out the libraries I had were built with nonstandard names. Just grabbed a different set of binaries and it worked.

The one thing I did notice was if I set LUA_DIR as an environment variable on Windows (Even if I put it in the path as well) I needed to reboot the computer for CLion to see it.  Is this as intended?


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