noob: trying to set a breakpoint


Hi - first time user of pycharm and I'm trying to set a breakpoint on the first line of an existing script but execution is not stopping at that line. 



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Hi Oliver! Your breakpoints are grey, instead of red, because they are muted. You should open your debug tool window ( and disable "Mute breakpoints" option.

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Here's the command line from the console window:

/usr/bin/python /Applications/ --multiproc --qt-support --client --port 58069 --file /Users/oliverpike/Downloads/gitinspector-master/ --file-type=** --format=text "--exclude=tests/mockdata,author:^(?!(bharath kallur)|(Bijeesh Pudukkudi)|(Karthik Subramaniam)|(Alejandro Mier))" --since=12/Jan/2016

pydev debugger: process 15364 is connecting

Connected to pydev debugger (build 162.1628.8)

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I noticed that if I hit pause, execution will stop at a point where I had a break point set prior to kicking off execution. 




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